Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping

Delivery methode

We are use the "EMS Post" for the international delivery. The shipping is free for all of our buyers. 
The EMS Post is a largest delivery network worldwide. This postal operator have the largest last mile coverage worldwide suported by the postal delivery network.
After sending you will receive tracking number of your shipment.

Delivery time

The assembly order and shipping 2-5 working days.
Delivery time is up to you 10-25 working days.

Taxes and additional fees

We are send our parcels like a private person for private person. If the custom Service in your country will ask you any questions, you just need to tell them that the parcel that you waiting it's a gift from your friends. If no request in the regards on the order form we normally mark the amount less than USD 100.00 in order to save taxes.

Shipping address

We are send the shipment to the delivery address writen on your PayPal account.