Return and refund policy

Despite the fact that we monitor the quality of our productsprofoundly, there is a small possibility that your purchase will not make you pleased. There is nothing wrong! We are ready to accept the goods, refund you or replace the purchased item. You can return any item within 30 days from the date of payment, if :

  1. The size does not fit you
  2. We sent you size or color different from what you ordered
  3. Detected factory fault

Unfortunately, we can’t accept  goods if they don’t meet these conditions.

Shipping is not refundable.

Money is refunded within 15 days only through PayPal through which you have made payment. Funds will be sent to you back  in accordance to PayPal return policy.

Before you send us goods you need to notify us with your decision. For this you need to write a message using  feedback form or email info@snow-point.com. Message topic must be  «return and refund».

You should write number of the order, date of payment and reason for replacement / refund in this message.