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One piece swimsuits. How to choose it for yourself

If you are a girl who surfs or any other water sports on open water, then we are ready to assume that sooner or later you'll have to buy a swimsuit. You have to admit that surfing without swimwear is not the best idea. Choosing a swimsuit for yourself, you need to think not only about how sexy you will look, but also about how to protect your tender skin from the sun and any of irritants.


one piece swimsuit


Let me give you some advice - take a look at the Lycra-type fabric swimsuits. Lycra is a fabric for a specialized clothing for water sports, made of synthetic materials. Specialists do not recommend the use of cotton t-shirts, because cotton in the water becomes rough and rubs the skin.


one piece swimsuit


Choosing a swimsuit model, (with a short sleeve or long sleeve, with a hood or without it) is solely a matter of your taste and the conditions in which you will use it. The main thing is that the swimsuit should be tight around the body and does not hamper the movement. Note that swimsuits with cups or bikinis are not at all suitable for surfing and for wakeboarding, and for kitesurfing, and for any other water sports other than swimming. Agree that doing something you love is much more pleasant than constantly being distracted by your swimsuit, not make sure that your swimsuit is still be on you.


one piece swimsuit


The perfect solution for you is this one piece swimsuit. Firstly, you can be sure that all that is needed will be hidden, and secondly one piece swimsuit will protect your body from any other irritants.


one piece swimsuit


You can consider it a coincidence or a great success, but we can offer you a chic one piece swimsuits, in which you will look amazing. We are sure that on the beach you will be the most sexy in one piece swimsuit, which we offer to you. See for yourself and choose what you like best:

1.       Sports one piece swimsuit without sleeves. Excellent for surfing, zipper on the  back. In this one piece swim suit you'll feel such a good when you surf at sunrise or sunset. In cloudy weather, when the sun is not as active and open hands are not a problem, you will also feeling absolutely comfort. By the way, it is convenient to use as underwear under a wet suit.

2.       Sporty one piece swimsuit with sleeves, or Lycra-Body. This model already has long sleeves and a high neck that will protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation during the daytime.

3.       Sporty one piece swimsuit with shorts and skirt. A slim sexy swimsuit with long sleeves is beautiful and feminine. This model is great for classic surfing or any water sport. You'll dress this suit and do not think about anything else, concentrating your attention exclusively on the favorite surfing activity

4.       Sporty one piece swimsuit with leggings. The best option for beginners and those who are most afraid of getting sunburn;) If you are just starting to practice classical surfing this sexy one piece swimsuit will perfect for you. Leggings will be very useful for you. Leggings for surfing - it's very comfortable! By the way, if you plan to ride in places with a lot of jellyfish, this swimsuit will be for you the necessary pr

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