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The history of the one piece ski suit

Those who never wore one piece ski suits, notice with surprise that on the slopes more and more people began to appear in this, without exaggeration, comfortable and colorful ski clothing. Let's try to understand why one piece ski suits acquire more and more fans.

The idea of one piece ski suit is not new. It appeared for the first time back in 1948. As is often the case, great ideas are born by accident. In the case of one piece ski suits everything happened like that.

One piece ski suit by Tigon

There once lived a man - Emilio Pucci. He was quite an athletic person, and, amongst other things, was in the Italian ski team at the Olympic Games in 1932.

After the war, in 1947, Emilio worked as a ski instructor in one of the Alpine ski resorts. It's important to say that in 1948 the choice of ski suits was not as big as it is today, and skiers had to constantly think about how to stay warm and comfortable while on the ski slopes for a long time.

One piece ski suit by Tigon

Emilio, possessing designer skills, decided to create his own ski suit, really comfortable for skiing and allowing to keep warm for a long time. All that the sports industry had to offer back then did not satisfy him. Emilio had, on the face of it, a simple idea - what if we combine pants and jacket in one piece?.. This will allow to keep the warmth inside and will not allow the wind to blow under the jacket and the snow to get in your pants.

No sooner said than done. That's how skiers of those times saw the first one piece ski suit ever. Many people liked the idea, and a little later, in Harper's Bazaar magazine, the first pictures of the ski suit were printed. The information could not go unnoticed and the producers of the time were quick to appreciate the design and usability of such one piece ski suits.

One piece ski suit by Tigon

In our time, the choice of sportswear for winter sports is huge, but even today one piece ski suits have a huge number of fans. One piece ski suits are valued for style, convenience and comfort.

If we place one piece ski suits by Tigon under close scrutiny, then, in addition to the obvious advantages related to all products on the market, it is necessary to note those that distinguish ski suits by Tigon.

Modern theory says that an athlete must wear three layers of clothing - basic (thermal underwear), clothing made of fleece and a membrane jacket with pants. One piece ski suits by Tigon allow to eliminate the middle layer, as they have a very soft and pleasant to the touch fleece lining. Thus, you save your money. As for the price, it is worth mentioning that the total cost of a ski suit from Tigon is comparable to the cost of one jacket or one pair of pants from famous manufacturers.

One piece ski suit by Tigon

One piece ski suits by Tigon are also notable for their special cut, allowing to feel free while skiing or snowboarding. No piece of clothing will restrict your movements. Multiple pockets make it possible to always have all the necessary things at one's fingertips. Ski-pass pockets are provided on the left and right arms. There is also a carabiner provided in Tigon overalls so that your keys will not be lost under any circumstances.

The Tigon brand is not yet widely known, but we can already say that the overalls of this manufacturer are of high quality, well thought-out and stylish. In these suits you will be the most vivid and visible on any slope in any weather.

One piece ski suit by Tigon

One piece ski suits by Tigon offer a great choice for all fans  of winter sports and for those who love winter as much as we love it, the Snow Point team. 

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