About Us

Hey-hey! If you end up on this page, it means that you can’t imagine your life without snow, mountains, skiing, snowboarding, invigorating fresh air, mulled wine, good company, powder or corduroy on the slope! However, we understand you better than anybody else.

We – as a snow-point team are exactly the same as you!

Our philosophy is simple and clear to every rider. Freedom, speed, independence and style - this is our credo. We don't impose our philosophy, you know it without us. You have received this philosophy as soon as you made your first ride. It does not matter what you prefer - ski or snowboard. What matters is that you understand what we try to tell you.

That is why everything we offer in our store gives you the storm of positive emotions. We simply understand you. Everything we do is to create and offer you what we like. We – as a snow-point team.

Our main direction is one piece ski suit. Our choice is clear! You fall in love with them at first sight. The creators of these ski suits take care of you as much as possible. One piece ski suit was elaborated and measured in every small detail. And it was all done in order to make you feel comfortable. This ski suit has everything, even what you were not thinking about. Soft fleece lining, a large number of pockets, taped seams, three zippers on the central zipper, hooks for keys and a lot of pleasant things, about which the owners of our one piece ski suits knows very well, and what new owners will discover. Believe us, becoming the owner of this masterpiece, you will not stop to be pleasantly surprised each time when you are wearing it.

All of us (including me and you) know for sure that all those who made his first solo descent - has become a member of one big family. This hobby does not have language barriers, boundaries and political views. It has no gods and idols. There is only you, snow, and the mountains.

In one piece ski suits you will feel the spirit of freedom, which you started to dream about from the first moment you saw the mountain. In these one piece ski suits you will feel comfort about which you hoped and dreamed before taking snow from your underwear ! ))

These ski suits will make you reach true pleasure from freeriding. We are confident, that once you buy one piece ski suit, will no longer think about anything else. You will get totally addicted to our suits. Don't even doubt. Becoming the owner of one piece ski suit, you will make the best choice. This we say to you. We – as a snow-point team

Snow-point team - it's a group of like-minded fellows. We set a goal not just to promote another brand and form a community of like-minded people around the world. The main thing for us is high quality of products that we offer, comfort and unique style of everything! We are confident that suit that we offer will give you total comfort, and will fascinate everyone around while you are wearing it.